California State Department of Justice Homicide Unit

Agent Fred Shirasago of the California State Department of Justice Homicide Unit. Shirasago’s division was “the receptacle for all the Zodiac cases investigated by police departments throughout the state of California.”

Special report issued by California DOJ, includes Cheri Jo Bates as a Zodiac Victim.



Detectives Bill Armstrong and Dave Toschi were assigned to the case. The San Francisco Police Department investigated an estimated 2,500 suspects over a period of years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiac_Killer

SF Chief of police at the time of the murders was Thomas Cahill.

The Paul Stine Zodiac case was officially closed (unsolved) by SFPD in 2004 https://zodiackiller.com/CaseClosed.html

Kelly Carroll and Michael Maloney (d. 2007) were two of the last detectives assigned to case. In 2002, “Genetic traces from envelopes” gave a “partial DNA” profile that exonerated ALA according to Carroll, though Maloney didn't reach that conclusion (see following paragraph). “Maloney and Carroll, who took over the cold case investigation in 2000, also said they recently discovered additional evidence in the Zodiac case that could soon allow them to create a full DNA profile of the Zodiac, who killed five Bay Area residents in 1968 and 1969.” https://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/DNA-seems-to-clear-only-Zodiac-suspect-2784268.php

"Whereas Carroll thought the DNA results cleared the popular suspect (Allen), Maloney (like Graysmith and Voigt) believed it was still too soon to reach a firm conclusion. “Why not test all the evidence?” Maloney said. “Why not see if it was one person who licked all those stamps or if there was more than one?”


The "primary DNA comes from a stamp from the 340 cipher letter." SOURCE?

“Several envelopes in which those letters were sent allowed the San Francisco police DNA lab headed by Dr. Cydne Holt to reach its new conclusions.”

( ... ) “Holt retrieved saliva traces beneath a stamp and was able to replicate a DNA sample large enough to test. That sample was compared with brain tissue recovered from the 1992 autopsy of Allen.” https://www.seattlepi.com/national/article/Partial-DNA-fingerprint-clears-only-suspect-in-1098479.php

"Though the DNA sample found by Holt ... didn’t render enough genetic material to establish a complete DNA profile of the Zodiac, additional testing of relevant evidence-such as other letters or pieces of Paul Stine’s shirt — might produce sufficient sampling for entry into the CODIS database."


Pam Hofsass of Contra Costa county forensic services did DNA analysis of the gloves in Stine's cab. SOURCE?

“We have something we haven't had to this point, a partial DNA fingerprint," said Carroll. "It is not enough at this time to submit" to DNA databases of known criminals, he said, but other new evidence that is still being analyzed "may yield more usable DNA" within weeks or months.” https://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/DNA-seems-to-clear-only-Zodiac-suspect-2784268.php

“After [Cydne] Holt failed to find any DNA evidence on the three Zodiac-penned letters allowed for testing by top brass at SFPD, Philips—in a move that was remarkable for both a criminal investigation and show business in general—suddenly produced three more Zodiac letters from a “retired police source” that were determined to be authentic.”

Maloney “cited a small batch of authenticated Zodiac letters still on loan from the Vallejo Police Department as key pieces of evidence that went untested.”

“If the SFPD has carried out further DNA analysis or even generated a full genetic profile, it’s a tightly held secret.”

“Over the years, numerous offers have been made to pay for a complete SFPD DNA analysis of the evidence, mostly from media outlets “


Vallejo PD

“Vallejo police have submitted envelopes used by the Zodiac to a private lab to possibly obtain a new genetic profile of the killer from saliva on the backs of stamps and the envelope flaps. Vallejo police Detective Terry Poyser told the Sacramento Bee last week that he expects to have the results back in a few weeks, and will then dive into the genealogy databases to find the Zodiac or at least his close relatives.”

-- SF Weekly, 05/09/2018 https://www.sfweekly.com/news/yesterdays-crimes-news/yesterdays-crimes-dna-profiles-and-the-murderers-who-might-be-zodiac/

Tom Voigt was given access to the Vallejo PD evidence room in 2017. https://zodiackiller.com/zodiac-killer-evidence-room/

Napa PD

Napa County detective Ken Narlow, who was assigned to the case from the outset, worked on solving the crime until his retirement from the department in 1987. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiac_Killer

Riverside PD

Larry Gonzalez - Chief of Police (current) https://www.riversideca.gov/rpd/about-contact/office-chief/about

Sergio Diaz - ex-Chief of Police: “we will not allow people to exploit the case”... for purposes of entertainment etc.

Det. Adrian Tillett - Current detective assigned to the Bates case.

Det. Jim Simons - Previously assigned to the Bates case.

Det. Steve Shumway (retired)

2003: In 2003, Steve Shumway, the detective then tasked with Cheri Jo’s matter, related this statement to Zodiac aficionado Tom Voigt: “There are two things for sure you can share with your many readers: There was a murderer who called himself the Zodiac, and there was the murderer who killed Cheri. They are two different people.” (2003) http://www.zodiackiller.com/BatesUpdate2.html

2016: In November 2016, Detective Jim Simons, Detective Tillett’s predecessor on the Bates case, told the Riverside Press Enterprise that he and Senior Forensic Technician Liane Velin were preparing to submit the hair and skin samples to a private lab. The results of those tests are unknown and Detective Tillett could not comment further on the investigation.

2018: In Riverside, Detective Adrian Tillett recently inherited the Cheri Jo Bates case from another detective who had been promoted. “I’m definitely going to look into whatever I can do to help solve this case,” Tillet says. “There’s definitely a lot of interest.” (2018) https://www.sfweekly.com/news/yesterdays-crimes-news/yesterdays-crimes-dna-profiles-and-the-murderers-who-might-be-zodiac/