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  • The goal of this site is to present information about the Zodiac killer case in an unbiased way. Each fact is sourced with a link to the primary document(s) that support the fact.

  • Any information on this site that is missing sources will be indicated in red text. If you want to contribute information to this website, or if you have suggestions for changes, please contact the site administrators.

  • This website is run by Josh Peters, an artist and teacher living in Los Angeles California, and Robert House, a designer living in Boston, Massachusetts, and author of Jack the Ripper and the Case for Scotland Yard's Prime Suspect (Wiley, 2011).

  • Arthur Leigh Allen is the only suspect who is covered extensively. Obviously there are many other suspects in the case. We may choose to add detailed information about other suspects in the future.

  • This site is a testament everyone who has researched this case over the years. We do not claim to be the top experts in the case. We are mainly trying to provide an online resource that presents all the facts in the case, accurately sourced in an organized way.

  • This site is an evolving document, like wikipedia. We strongly welcome contributions from the worldwide community of people who are interested in this case.

  • Thanks to zodiackiller.com, zodiackillerfacts.com, zodiacciphers.com, and other websites that have provided primary sources and information related to the case. Also special thanks to the facebook Cheri Jo Bates Discussion group for providing extensive information on the Riverside case.

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